Ride the New Dodge Challenger With Technology Package

While sedans have overall declined in popularity over the past few decades, there are a few standouts that remain strong. The Dodge Challenger, available at Laplante Dodge in Embrun is one of those standouts. This vehicle evokes the best of old school Detroit with a modern flair that keeps the brand and line relevant. However, this car is not just about muscle- in fact it has an amazing technology system that rivals anything in class.

What makes the tech package standout on this vehicle is UConnect. Dodge and their parent company FCA have spent a great deal of time improving the user experience of their new tech package. All mobile devices are fully compatible with this line and mobile apps like Siri and Bixby are also supported. The goal was to seamlessly combine tech and function to create a user experience that is as good or better than luxury brands in the same line.



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