A Dodge Durango to Suit Your Style

You don't have to compromise your personal style when you get the new Dodge Durango at Laplante Dodge. This popular mid-sized SUV has a beautifully designed exterior that's sure to turn heads. Best of all, it's available in a range of colors.

Drivers in Embrun can choose from nine different exterior color options. The selection is quite varied. You'll find familiar neutral shades like white, gray, and silver. However, Dodge is also offering quirkier hues for those who want something that stands out. These shades include a vibrant Octane Red, a deep In-Violet, and an earthy Stout Brown.

In addition to the various colors, the exterior of the Durango can take on a few different finishes. The exact finishes available will vary based on the color that you choose. You can get a clear coat that shines in the sun, a pearl coat for added dimension, or a traditional glossy paint.



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