Ram ProMaster Capability Features

Cargo vans have long been used by a variety of industries that require large amounts of storage room for things ranging from tools to additional space used to deliver flowers. While the cargo space is impressive, drivers often overlook the many capability features. That is why we here at Laplante Dodge located right in Embrun are so excited to announce the arrival of the all new Ram ProMaster.

The ProMaster has an incredibly impressive towing capacity achieving up to 2,313 kg. This means that additional trailers or other modes of transportation can be towed right behind this cargo van. Additionally, the Ram ProMaster has up to 280 horsepower which means it's always ready to get the job done. This is paired with up to 260 lb.-ft. of torque which will make the van leap forward even when its packed to the brim. Finally, this cargo van carries a maximum payload of 2,363 kg.



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