Chrysler 300 Offers Top Safety Features

You know that the Chrysler 300 is a top-of-the-line vehicle the first time you step behind the wheel. What you may not know is that advanced safety features are working behind the scenes of this popular full-size luxury class car. Let’s see what Chrysler 300 offers.

If the traffic ahead suddenly slows, Chrysler 300 drivers rest assured that the advanced cruise control system will let them know with a warning sign. If they do not respond in time, the vehicle will apply the brakes and bring the car to a full stop if that is what is necessary. They also know that if they accidentally drift out of lane, the LaneSense system will give them warning and gently steer them back between the lines. If they are backing out of a parking lot and someone suddenly steps behind them, the parking assist will let them know.

It is time to stop by Laplante Dodge and check out the safety systems yourself.



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