The Chrysler 300 Travels on Busy Highways With Ease

Long journeys along crowed highways can cause problems for most drivers. In order to stay efficient, a driver must travel at a reasonable speed to reduce gas consumption. If you want to save gas and boost safety, the Chrysler 300's LaneSense and adaptive cruise control can help you accomplish this on the road.

LaneSense is mainly an alert system. However, it interacts with another system called Lane Assist. One multi-lane highways, LaneSense will alert if you let the Chrysler accidentally drift and sway on the road, and Lane Assist will make adjustments if they're not made 300 immediately. The adaptive cruise control helps the Chrysler 300 conserve gas by controlling engine speeds. It also boosts safety by maintaining a practical cruising speed.

You can examine some of these features during a test drive. At Laplante Dodge, the process of setting up a test drive is simple. We cater to motorists in many neighborhoods throughout Embrun.



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