Everybody loves safety and security from their automobile. It means safely getting to football games for that winning score or showing up early to nail the edition in the play. Whatever your reason, the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid will offer you enough safety features to make you feel protected on the roads. There's a reason they are a popular choice in Embrun and around the country.

Safety Always Matters

Those responsible for designing the Pacifica Hybrid had safety in mind when coming up with the minivan hybrid. Lanesense Lane Departure Warning with Keep Assist will not only help you stay in the proper driving lane but also gingerly guide you back if you do drift away. Sensors are nice in certain scenarios; the case for safely changing lanes fits the category of a scenario where sensors are helpful.

The Blind Spot Monitoring System helps drivers make safer lane changing decisions by alerting the driver when a vehicle is in their vehicle's blindspot. An icon will appear when a car is occupying the blind spot on either side. We at Laplante Dodge believe in the safety features in the Pacifica Hybrid. Come inspect the vehicle further and take a test drive.


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