When you are out looking at mid-size SUVs, you will want to stop by Laplante Dodge and take a look at the Dodge Durango. Once you see the exterior features that have been incorporated into its design, you will see why it has become such a popular vehicle in its class. Let's look at a couple of those.

You will undoubtedly want to take some cargo with you from time to time. Why not put the heavier items right on top of the roof? With the Stow N Place Roof Rack System, you can safely do that with up to 150 pounds of your stuff.

When you find yourself driving in some tough weather conditions, you will be glad to have the projector fog lamps. These are included standard on every Durango and they give you a clear line of sight when you are driving in such situations. Take a test drive at Laplante Dodge today.


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