The importance of a Mopar Road Hazard Protection Plan

Why is it important to protect your tires and wheels? Without them, you can't go anywhere. In addition, repair and replacement can make a dent in your budget. Hence, the reason why Mopar's Road Hazard Tire & Wheel Protection Program must be considered. Particularly if you've previously encountered these issues.

The uniqueness of this protection program is almost everything is paid for once you register. There is no deductible for repair. Plus, original and after-market parts connected to the wheels and tires are also included. When everything is fixed, the mounting and balancing of the tires is done for free.

Overall, the Mopar Road Hazard Tire & Wheel Protection Program has a return on investment far greater than the initial package price. Find out more about the above benefits and additional coverage by making an appointment with your dealership's service center. They can provide all the answers to your questions.


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