Explore My Features: The New Ram ProMaster

When searching for a cargo van, there are many choices that are available, but all aren't created the same. The Ram ProMaster is a top choice because it brings so many wonderful qualities to the table. Here's a quick breakdown for some of its best features.

The new Ram ProMaster is built for durability and strength. First and foremost, this cargo van comes in a number of trims. This includes the Chassis Cab, Window Van, Cargo Van and Cut Away Van. Carry the load and towing the weight is the name of the game. The Ram ProMaster is no joke when it comes to capability. This vehicle can haul as much as 4,680 pounds of payload. On top of that, the towing capacity is listed at 5,100 pounds. There are also huge doors for loading and unloading cargo of all sizes.

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