A Dodge Durango to Suit Your Style

You don't have to compromise your personal style when you get the new Dodge Durango at Laplante Dodge. This popular mid-sized SUV has a beautifully designed exterior that's sure to turn heads. Best of all, it's available in a range of colors.

Drivers in Embrun can choose from nine different exterior color options. The selection is quite varied. You'll find familiar neutral shades like white, gray, and silver. However, Dodge is also offering quirkier hues for those who want something that stands out. These shades include a vibrant Octane Red, a deep In-Violet, and an earthy…
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Ride the New Dodge Challenger With Technology Package

While sedans have overall declined in popularity over the past few decades, there are a few standouts that remain strong. The Dodge Challenger, available at Laplante Dodge in Embrun is one of those standouts. This vehicle evokes the best of old school Detroit with a modern flair that keeps the brand and line relevant. However, this car is not just about muscle- in fact it has an amazing technology system that rivals anything in class.

What makes the tech package standout on this vehicle is UConnect. Dodge and their parent company FCA have spent a great deal of time improving…
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OEM Auto Parts and Generic Car Parts: What’s the Difference?

Reasons to Side with Quality OEM Car Parts Over Others

If you were getting surgery then you would never opt for a cheaper and lower-quality procedure. You would want to be sure that you’re getting the best of the best. The same is true of the auto parts that you use to repair your vehicle.

Genuine OEM parts are specifically designed for your Dodge model. They are engineered with quality in mind and tend to last longer than generic parts. While OEM parts cost more than generic parts, they can save you money in the long run.

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Which 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee Is Right for You?

Find Your Ideal Jeep at Our Dealership

There are multiple different trim level options for the 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Some are more ideal for the raceway while others are engineered to tackle off-road adventure. At first glance, it can be tough to find one that works for your lifestyle. Browse our breakdown below of some different Jeep Grand Cherokee buying options and let us know which one you rather have in your driveway.

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